Note: The script does not come pre-loaded with any stories.

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Powerful Story Sharing Script

FMyScript - FMyLife Clone Script

Version 3.6 Released
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Share Your Stories With The World

Create your own popular story sharing website. Just like, you can share your stories with everyone.

Now you can instantly share your stories on social networking website like Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter.

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3 New FMyScript Themes - FREE
Free Themes

Free FMyScript Themes

Get the three (3) new FMyScript Themes for free.

One of these themes must suit your website's needs.

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Ajaxified Functions | Unencrypted Source Code
classic template

FMyScript Is The Best!

All the main functions in the script have been coded using ajax. You get results instantly, and keep that cool modern effect.

Keep your users amazed with all these ajax features.

You can easily customize the script since it uses the smarty template engine!

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Multiple Language Support

FMyScript supports multiple languages. The script is pre-loaded with the english, french, spanish, czech and portuguese language packs.

You can add more languages easily! There is only one language file for each new language.

FMyScript Premium Theme
Premium Theme

New FMyScript Theme!

Try the newly released premium theme for FMyScript.

Give your website an improved look users will appreciate.

Compatible with both the youtube module and picture module.

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Picture Module
Picture Module

Upload Pictures To FMyScript!

Now allow users to upload pictures / images / photos.

High Quality Images Supported.

Upload in popular image formats.

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YouTube Module
YouTube Module

Add Videos From Youtube!

Now allow users to embed videos from YouTube.

Save bandwidth and space from embedded videos.

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Mobile Module
Mobile Module

FMyScript Mobile Module

Get traffic to your website from mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

The mobile module will let user use your website anywhere they are.

This is a must have feature for any website!

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